Bear Kittay’s sonic universe, like the rest of his world, is ever-expanding: growing, shifting, and mutating to encompass and reflect an evolving reality, multiple perspectives, and an infectious sense of wonder that awakens listeners to the beauty and potential all around them. Drawing from innumerable international pop and indigenous traditions and focused through the lens of Bear’s formidable musicianship, it’s kaleidoscopic – explosive technicolor visions shattering the boundaries between humanity and technology, silicon and carbon.

While just shy of 30, Bear’s dynamic, inclusive energy has lead to notable success in capacities as diverse as technology entrepreneur, event producer, political organizer, ambassador, performer, composer, curator, and more. For the past two years, Bear has traveled the world as the social alchemist of the Burning Man organization, spreading the group’s liberating philosophy through his participation in rituals, gatherings, and celebrations. “These roles are fluid and integrated,” he explains. “I see myself as a musician, an entrepreneur, and a global storyteller. These three parts are connected, but they also have different existences as well.”

After a long gestation period, during which he internalized an array of influences musical, social, and otherwise, Bear the musician is set to make his entrance onto the world stage. A cache of his recent songs have been recorded with Cody Dickinson producing at Dickinson’s Zebra Ranch studio in Mississippi. Those varied tracks – which stake out a hybrid style with flashes of international rhythms, electronic textures, and solo singer-songwriter intimacy – are now being mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer and former Talking Head Jerry Harrison and accomplished engineer E.T. Thorngren.

“I am so excited to have this music finally out there,” Bear concludes. “Music is the ultimate cathartic, from-the-heart message. When it’s done right, it’s an antidote to the complexity and loneliness of the wider world. The more I’ve gotten into places where things are more disorienting and things are unclear, with different languages and points of view happening all around me, the more powerful pure music can be as it emerges…”